Arts & Media

The College’s learning objectives call for multiple modes of inquiry and critical and creative thinking. All students must therefore complete 3 credits in the visual arts and sciences.

This course must come from list of approved courses offered by the Department of Arts, Culture and Media.


Courses that satisfy this requirement include:

21:080:121 Introduction to Drawing
21:080:261 Introduction to Photography
21:080:263 Introduction to Digital Photography
21:082:101 Introduction to Art History I
21:082:102 Introduction to History of Art II: Renaissance to Modern
21:082:201 Art Beyond the West
21:082:207 Art and Women
21:082:210 Introduction to Architectural History I: Prehistory to 1800
21:082:211 Introduction to Architectural History II: 1800 to the Present
21:082:280 Art of the Far East
21:082:240 Baroque Art
21:082:382 History of Photography
21:082:270 American Art
21:082:310 Ancient Art
21:082:330 Renaissance Art
21:082:380 Art, Design and Style: 19th & 20th Century Decorative Arts
21:085:102 Design Fundamentals
21:085:103 3-D Design Fundamentals
21:085:109 Intro to 3D Modeling and Printing
21:087:101 Intro to Music
21:087:111 Fundamentals of Music I
21:087:201 Music, Culture, and Technology
21:087:265 Jazz
21:087:280 World Music
21:088:102 Acting Fundamentals
21:088:208 Movement for the Theatre
21:088:212 From Page to Stage
21:088:101 Living Theater
21:088:102 Acting Fundamentals
21:089:280 The Music Video: Mirror to Contemporary Society