Archive Fever: Raphael Lemkin and Critical Genocide Studies Symposium, Powered by PechaKucha

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Dana Room, 4th Floor, Dana Library

Shannon Bilder, Criminal Justice
Laura Cohen, DGA
Adassa Richardson, DGA
Lynette E. Sieger, DGA

What's in a Word? A Content Analysis of a Selection of Raphael Lemkin's Theoretical Writings
Shannon Bilder
Criminal Justice

Lemkin and Letters
Apporva Chandra
Political Science

Archival Disembodiment
Laura Cohen
Global Affairs

Genocide 2.0: Reconciling Lemkin's Conceptualization of Genocide in the Age of Drone Warfare and Targeted Killings
Jayson Hayman
Global Affairs

Raphael Lemkin's Dissent against the Negro Genocide
Moses Hungiapuko
Global Affairs

Preventing the Destruction of Culture: The Debated Necessity of a Protocol to the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide
Sarah R. Husseini
Global Affairs

The Battle for Prevention: Raphael Lemkin and the Case of Algeria
Iuliia Kononenko
Global Affairs

The Law of Extermination: Genocide in Modern Law
Mark Lane
Global Affairs

Raphael Lemkin's Unwritten Chapter on Demography and Genocide
Kelsey R. Lizotte
Global Affairs

Scrapheaps of History
Hudson McFann

The Racial Politics of Genocide
Adassa Richardson
Global Affairs

To Include or Not Include Cultural Genocide?
Ariana Ruela
Global Affairs

Balancing Power and Legitimacy: Genocide and International Legal Regimes
Lynette E. Sieger
Global Affairs

Raphael Lemkin and the Political Group
Meghan Sullivan
Global Affairs

Lemkin's Forecast for Genocide: Exploring Raphael Lemkin's Conditions for Genocide
Remy Walsh
Global Affairs