• Highway 5, CA

  • Wright Brothers

  • Women at Texas Border, 1900

  • Factory Workers in Paterson, NJ

  • San Francisco, 1906

The American Studies Program

At Rutgers University-Newark, American Studies scholarship emerges from academic research and a commitment to engagement with a broad public on campus and in surrounding communities. Our faculty is grounded in literature, history, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, Spanish, and Portuguese studies. In their research and teaching, they explore topics such as Latino masculinity, urban history and theory, contemporary Spanish American literature, feminist and queer theory, women and gender, African American literature, jazz history, environmental history, and performance studies. 

Current graduate student research areas include Black working-class feminism; memory, commemoration and historic preservation; African American radicalism; queer studies; bodily movement and circulation; and literary and artistic responses to the urban crisis.

The undergraduate minor in American Studies at Rutgers University-Newark explores American politics, culture and society in Newark, northern  New Jersey and around the world.  Our courses embrace interdisciplinary methods and draw on disciplines ranging from English to sociology to history.

At Rutgers University-Newark, we support students and faculty in multi-disciplinary approaches to research and analysis. Researchers visit local and national archives, attend public meetings and performances, conduct oral history interviews, and carry out ethnographic fieldwork. All our students, whether they are preparing for careers in the academy or the public sector, are asked to consider the diverse publics that their scholarship can serve and the many forms in which the fruits of their research can be disseminated.We welcome applications from current students who wish to pursue a career within the academy or the public sector, as well as from engaged professionals in the field who seek to strengthen their scholarly and career opportunities.