Academic Review

Periodically, the Scholastic Standing Committee, composed of faculty and academic staff, reviews and takes action on the record of any student whose work is considered deficient. Such students may be dismissed from the Newark College of Arts and Sciences and University College Newark or placed on probation. The decisions of the committee constitute the final authority on these matters.

The committee notifies students of the actions it takes on their record in writing. However, all students are expected to be familiar with the academic regulations of the college and are responsible for monitoring their own academic record and performance.Lack of awareness of scholastic standing policies or failure to receive the notification does not nullify the scholastic standing action.

For the purpose of scholastic standing:

  • grades reported as IN, TZ, TF, or NG and blank grades may be calculated into the student's semester grade-point average as F;
  • successful grades are those reported as A through D (including temporary grades TB+, TB, TC+, TC, and TD), S, and TT;
  • credits for courses currently in progress, courses designated with the N credit prefix, and courses in which a student has an outstanding temporary grade other than TF (i.e., TB+, TB, TC+, TC, TD, TT, or TZ) will not count as attempted credits;
  • credits for courses with W grades are considered unsuccessful attempted credits.

Exercising the repeated course option does not negate prior scholastic standing action