Faculty & Staff

Academic Foundations Center Staff

The dedicated staff of the Academic Foundations Center proudly serves our students and works diligently to ensure the academic integrity and success of all our programs.

Academic Foundations Center
Bradley Hall, 1st Floor
110 Warren Street
Newark New Jersey 07102
Fax: 973-353-5605
Name / Title E-mail Ph. Office
Deborah Walker-McCall
Associate Dean Of Academic Affairs;
Director of AFC/EOF
dwalker@rutgers.edu 973-353-3577 134
Saskia Agustin
Business and Alumni Specialist
sagustin@andromeda.rutgers.edu 973-353-3570 131
Rose Bailey-Byers
Assistant Dean of Counseling Services;
Associate Director of AFC/EOF
byers@andromeda.rutgers.edu 973-353-3556 103
Michael Billich
Unit Computing Specialist
mbillich@andromeda.rutgers.edu 973-353-3571 130
Darlene Brown
EOF Program Coordinator
darbrown@andromeda.rutgers.edu 973-353-3569 128
Marsha Dickson
Head Bookkeeper
mdickson@andromeda.rutgers.edu 973-353-3573 133
Brenda Lopez
Director of Student Support Services
bllopez@andromeda.rutgers.edu 973-353-3564 111
Gary Martinez
SSS Assessment Counselor
garymar@andromeda.rutgers.edu 973-353-3566 108
Carl Milton
EOF Senior Counselor, Special Programs
cmilton@andromeda.rutgers.edu 973-353-3554 106
Miriam Montalvo
Director of Aim High
mymontal@andromeda.rutgers.edu 973-353-3553 113
Traymanesha Moore
Rutgers Future Scholars
Program Coordinator
tcmoore@andromeda.rutgers.edu 973-353-3584 121
Sandra Parker
Secretary to the Dean
sandrap@andromeda.rutgers.edu 973-353-3577 134
Suja Patel
Assistant Dean of Assessment and Administration;
Associate Director of AFC/EOF
suja@andromeda.rutgers.edu 973-353-3572 132
Engelbert Santana
EOF Senior Counselor, Special Programs
santanam@andromeda.rutgers.edu 973-353-3561 105
Brian Taylor
EOF Senior Counselor, Special Programs
btaylor@andromeda.rutgers.edu 973-353-3555 107