3rd Annual Graduate Student Conference: SPACE, PLACE, AND MEMORY: The Intersection of Memory, Public and Private Spaces

3rd Annual Rutgers / NJIT Federated Department of History Graduate Student

SPACE, PLACE, AND MEMORY: The Intersection of Memory, Public and Private Spaces

March 27, 2014

Conference Schedule

         2:00-3:00pm – Registration, light refreshments served

         3:00pm – Opening remarks: Ariel Natalo-Lifton and Melissa Geddis, History GSGA Representatives

         3:10pm – Panel #1 (War) American War and Remembrance

Holly Halmo, PhD, American Studies – “Simulated Warriors: Reenacting the 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg”

Kyle Wengerter, MAT, History – “The reason is that words are never enough: Analysis of photographic coverage of casualties in Time and Life During World War II (1941-1945) and Vietnam (1965-1972)”

Nimisha Patel, MA, English – “Domestic Displacement in Elizabeth Bowen’s The Heat of the Day: War, Identity, & The Uncanny”

Amy Lucker, PhD, American Studies – “Calibrating Culture: Historical (Re) Readings in Film, Print, and Other Media” 

         3:55pm – Panel #2 Art, Photography and Motion Pictures

Craig Chanin, MFA, Creative Writing – “The Fiction of the Reel/Real in Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah: Fictionalizing Space and Place in the Present to Relive the Past. 

Stephen McNulty, PhD, American Studies – “In the Playroom: The Aesthetics of Affect, Trauma, and Childhood”

Melissa Geddis, MA, History– “Totalitarian Governments and the Suppression of Public History and Memory: Attack on Titan

         4:30pm – Break

         4:45pm – Panel #3 Hip Hop and Urban Culture

Ryan D. Purcell, MA, History, 2013 – “5Pointz and ‘Independent Revolutionary Art’: An Inquiry into Urban Public Art as Social Protest”

Thomas E. Moomjy, PhD, American Studies – “Dialogical Reading, Contradictory Meaning: Tupac, Nas, and Ghostface Killah”

Timothy Brown, MA, Liberal Studies – “The ‘Democracy’ of Hip Hop: Coming of Age in the Hip Hop Culture from Revolutionary to Ratchet”

         5:25pm – Panel #4 Twentieth Century America: Politics, Culture, and Urban Landscape

Elizabeth Aaron, PhD, American Studies – “Newark in the Public Schools of Newark”

Molly Rosner, PhD, American Studies – “Doll Fairs of the 1930s: Contested Presentations of Modernity”

Michael Snyder, MAT, History – “The Function of Space in John Ford’s Westerns”

Gene Smith, MA, History – “American Capitalism: How Think Tanks Changed US Capitalism”

         6:10pm – Closing Remarks

         6:15pm – Dinner