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  • NCAS Dean Jan Ellen Lewis (left) was installed as the President of the Society of Historians of the Early American Republic at its annual meeting in Raleigh, N.C. She succeeds Ann Fabian (right), Distinguished Professor of History in New Brunswick.

  • Chemistry Professors Huixen He (pictured) and Michal Szostak were recognized recently for outstanding achievement. See full story here >>

  • Professor Alexander Hinton, director of RU-N's Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights, discusses the 100-year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide on PBS' "Metro Focus."
    See entire episode here >>

  • History Professor Beryl Satter (above) and MFA Professor Akhil Sharma have won prestigious
    2015 John Simon Guggenheim fellowships. See full story here >>

  • Professor Akhil Sharma, of RU-N's MFA Program in Creative Writing, has won the prestigious
    2015 Folio Prize for fiction for his second novel, "Family Life." See full story here >>

  • NCAS Economics Professor Kusum Mundra looks at how immigrants weathered the housing bust better than the U.S-born population did. See full story here >>

  • More than $5 million in donations have poured in to continue the legacy of former
    Professor Clement Price
    , as the institute he built now bears his name. See full story here >>

  • CMBN's April Benasich becomes the first holder of the new Elizabeth H. Solomon Endowed Chair in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. See full story here >>

  • NCAS’ Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP) recently received a $2.5 million grant to improve teacher training in STEM subjects. UTEP held an information session recently to kick off the program.
    See background story here >>

  • RU-N's Newest Americans project kicked off its short-documentary film series with "Notes for My
    Homeland," the story of Syrian-American composer and pianist Malek Jandali. See full story here >>

  • NCAS students take part in ISSLE service-learning trips to Tanzania and India. See full story here >>

  • Chemistry Professor Michele Pavanello leads NCAS' advanced computing efforts. See full story here >>